Meet Johnpaul, a real-life modern-day treasure hunter.

Delving into the realms of thrift stores, estate sales, auctions, yard sales, and private collections, he is on a mission to unearth hidden gems and rescue vintage treasures from the depths of the past. To sustain this hobby, he has decided to offer them to the public, believing in giving these unique treasures a new lease on life and allowing them to weave into the fabric of contemporary living, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

In a world saturated with mass-produced mediocrity, Johnpaul prides himself on being a curator of the neat, the unique, the forgotten, and the extraordinary. Each vintage find tells a story, whispering secrets of a bygone era – a testament to the craftsmanship, artistry, and nostalgia that often lie dormant, waiting to be rediscovered. As a self-proclaimed purist and someone who prefers an original stain and a few character marks, expect these items to be perfectly imperfect, but always original.

Welcome to The Smith Henry – where the thrill of the hunt meets the charm of the past. Unearth, appreciate, and relish the timeless allure of these vintage treasures! Johnpaul hopes he'll have the chance to sell you something neat in the very near future. Nice to meet you.


Curious about the origins of our name?

Let's rewind to 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, where Johnpaul and Ashleigh started their journey as partners. Like many young dreamers, they envisioned a future together, discussing their yet-to-be-born children (not weird at all). They landed on the name Smith Henry for their future son, inspired by their favorite coffee shop and home street.

Several years later, the couple embraced parenthood with the arrival of three lovely girls—none of which were named Smith Henry. When Johnpaul considered opening a vintage shop, Ashleigh said, "You should name it The Smith Henry!" a playful nod to their past aspirations. And so, their story began.

The Family

It's an Edmonds Kind of Day

Since 2019, Johnpaul and Ashleigh, along with their three daughters, have resided in Edmonds, Washington. They hold a deep appreciation for Edmonds and take pride in being members of this supportive and creative community. They love Edmonds so much they decided to create super fun Edmonds apparel for other Edmondites who are excited to rep their city. Check out the goods below!

Wear Edmonds (Coming soon...)